$COLLECT benefits

Unlock the Power of $COLLECT: How CoinCollect's Native Token Provides Benefits to NFT Traders, Liquidity Providers, and Community Members

Good to know: The majority of $COLLECT tokens are locked and will be vested over time, ensuring a stable and sustainable growth trajectory for the CoinCollect ecosystem.

The Benefits of $COLLECT: Powering CoinCollect's NFT DeFi Ecosystem

Buy back and burn: The buy back and burn mechanism in CoinCollect helps to stabilize the value of the $COLLECT token by reducing its overall supply. This creates deflation

Discount for NFT minting (on selected collections): CoinCollect's discount for NFT minting feature provides a benefit to $COLLECT token holders by allowing them to buy NFTs on the platform at a discounted price. This can help to increase the adoption of the platform and create a more vibrant ecosystem, while also providing a cost-saving benefit to $COLLECT token holders who want to participate in NFT trading on the platform.

NFT sales to liquidity pool: When users sell their NFTs on the CoinCollect platform, a portion of the sale proceeds goes to the liquidity pool. This provides a benefit to $COLLECT token holders by generating liquidity on the platform and enabling them to participate in the growth of the ecosystem. Additionally, users who stake their NFTs in the NFT pools can earn rewards, further incentivizing users to participate in the ecosystem and providing benefits to $COLLECT token holders.

Buy NFTs discounted with $COLLECT

All the CoinCollect NFTs are discounted if you buy using $COLLECT token. (soon)

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