CoinCollect Intro

CoinCollect is a Multi-Chain NFT based DeFi platform where users earn crypto or NFT rewards by staking their NFT

CoinCollect is a Decentralized NFT finance Protocol operating on Multi-Chains, that helps NFT traders, high yield farmers, liquidity providers, developers and web 3.0 startups to participate in an open financial market with no barriers to entry.

CoinCollect is a decentralized protocol that operates on multiple blockchain networks. It is designed to assist individuals and organizations involved in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, including traders, farmers, liquidity providers, developers, and web 3.0 startups. The protocol aims to create an open financial market that is accessible to everyone, with no barriers to entry.

The protocol allows NFT traders to buy and sell NFTs on a decentralized marketplace, which is supported by multiple blockchain networks. This allows for greater flexibility and access to a wider range of NFTs.

High yield farmers can also participate in the CoinCollect protocol by providing liquidity to the marketplace. This allows them to earn a return on their investment by providing liquidity to the market, which helps to increase the overall trading volume.

Developers and web 3.0 startups can use CoinCollect's open-source code to build their own decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the protocol. This allows them to create new and innovative ways to use NFTs in various industries and applications.

Overall, CoinCollect aims to create a decentralized and open financial market for NFTs, where anyone can participate and benefit from the growth of this burgeoning market.

CoinCollect NFTs

Our NFTs are the key to CoinCollect DeFi Protocol. With these unique utility NFTs you will have countless opportunities to join and earn on the defi space.

Why own a CoinCollect utility NFT

CoinCollect Token ( $COLLECT )

$COLLECT is CoinCollect’s native ERC-20 compatible token that runs on Multi-Chain, serving as the backbone of the CoinCollect Ecosystem.

Why own a $COLLECT token

ZERO-FEE : There is no trading fees now!

we will have trading fees in the feature to buy back $COLLECT tokens from exchanges and burn them in order to reduce the overall $COLLECT tokens circulation, stabilize the token price and create deflation.

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