This is how CoinCollect ecosystem uses its $COLLECT governance token

Good to know : The tokenomics of the $COLLECT token is not ready yet! and it's still in development phase

Tokenomics is a critical aspect of any blockchain-based web 3.0 project, as it ensures a fair and sustainable growth trajectory for the ecosystem. At CoinCollect, we understand the importance of having a solid and well-thought-out tokenomics plan, which is why we are taking our time to develop a fair and transparent model that benefits the entire community. We believe that a project without strong and sustainable tokenomics is more likely to lack direction and purpose, which is why we are committed to building a strong foundation for the future success of CoinCollect.

Ensuring Fair Token Distribution in CoinCollect: Ideas for Equitable $COLLECT Token Distribution Among the Ecosystem

  1. Airdrops: Distributing a portion of $COLLECT tokens as airdrops to users who have participated in the platform and contributed to its growth can be a fair way to distribute tokens. This can help to reward early adopters and incentivize continued use of the platform.

  2. Staking rewards: Providing $COLLECT tokens as rewards for staking NFTs or depositing cryptocurrencies on the platform is another fair way to distribute tokens. This incentivizes users to participate in the platform while also providing a way to distribute tokens in a transparent and equitable manner.

  3. Governance participation: Offering $COLLECT tokens as rewards for participating in the governance of the platform can help to ensure a fair distribution of tokens. This encourages active participation and ensures that the community has a say in the direction and development of the platform.

  4. Launchpad participation: Allowing users to participate in new coin, NFT, or crypto project launches through the CoinCollect launchpad can provide a fair way to distribute $COLLECT tokens. This incentivizes early participation and helps to create a vibrant and active community around the platform.

  5. Anti-whale measures: Implementing measures that prevent large holders from dominating the token distribution can help to ensure a fair distribution of $COLLECT tokens. This can include limits on the number of tokens that can be purchased in a single transaction, as well as token lock-up periods to encourage long-term holding and discourage short-term speculation.

Total token supply: 500 million $COLLECT Token distribution:

  • Token DistributionPercentageAmount of Tokens

    Mining reserve



    Partnership & Ecosystem



    Team (1 - 5 Year Lockup)






    Community & Seed funding



    Advisors (1 - 5 Year Lockup)















Token emissions will last for approximately 60 months, with halvenings occurring every six months. A halvening means the budget for maximum tokens used for emissions during a 6-month period will halve relative to the previous period. The full amount of the budget will not necessarily be emitted during that period.

Additionally, 0.03% of trading fees on the CoinCollect platform will be used to buy back COLLECT tokens, which will be permanently burnt. This helps to reduce the overall supply of COLLECT tokens and stabilize the token price.

The team, advisors, seed funding, foundation, and treasury tokens (24% of total) will be fully locked for the first 12 months and will unlock linearly each day over months 13-60. This provides a fair distribution of tokens and helps to prevent large holders from dominating the market.

The foundation and treasury allocations (8% of total) will be used to fund the development and growth of the CoinCollect ecosystem, including initiatives such as research and development, marketing, and community building. These allocations provide a stable source of funding and ensure that the CoinCollect team has the resources to continue improving the platform and creating value for the entire community.

Overall, these tokenomics are designed to ensure a fair and sustainable growth trajectory for the CoinCollect ecosystem. By providing a fair distribution of tokens and implementing anti-inflation measures, such as token burn and lock-up periods, the $COLLECT token can maintain its value over time and benefit the entire CoinCollect community.

How will the NFTs impact the Tokenomics of CoinCollect?

We would like to inform our community that 50% of the NFT sales on our platform will be utilized for the CoinCollect Economy, which includes liquidity, buy back, and burn initiatives. This decision has been made to enhance the overall value and stability of $COLLECT. Additionally, 25% of the sales proceeds will be allocated towards various community campaigns and reward programs. We strongly believe that this approach will create a more sustainable and robust ecosystem, and we look forward to sharing the benefits of this decision with all of our stakeholders. Thank you for your continued support.

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