Create a Wallet

ERC-20 supported wallet is needed (ex: Metamask, Trust Wallet)

To get started on CoinCollect, the first thing you'll need is to set up a wallet that supports Polygon Network (EVM based - ERC-20 ). Wallets are available both on desktop and mobiles. You'll need to choose the wallet that fits your needs best.

When you're setting up a wallet, be sure to:

  • āœ… Download and install only the latest version from an official source.

  • āœ… Follow the setup guide carefully.

  • āœ… Safely back up your recovery phrases.

  • āŒ NEVER share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.

  • āŒ NEVER input your recovery phrase to a website or app, other than your wallet app.

Smartphone/Mobile or Desktop wallet?

Mobile device wallets and desktop-based wallets have different strengths and weaknesses. Consider which fits your needs better to help decide which type of wallet to use.

Smartphone/Mobile wallets

Smartphone/Mobile wallets allow you to access your crypto almost anywhere. Wallets are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Which mobile wallet should I choose?

This comparison table gives an overview of the most popular mobile wallets.

āš ļø Requires some setup šŸ”¶ Only supports SafePal hardware wallet

You can find more in-depth information about each wallet below, as well as download links and installation guides.

MetaMask is a very popular browser-based wallet plugin that supports ERC20 (Polygon Network & Ethereum network) and BEP2 & BEP20 (Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain networks).

ā€‹Pros: - Open source for auditability - WEB3 capable on PolygonScan & BscScan - A strong history of security and reliability - A large amount of how-to guides and resources online - Many tools and custom settings - Offers ETH purchases with Transak - Supports a very large number of languages - Is also available a browser plugin for desktop devices

Cons: - Longer setup time than other options - Additional steps needed to use with Polygon Network & Binance Smart Chain - Extra information and settings may confuse beginners

Download MetaMask (Automatically detects device)

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