Collaboration Pools: Unlocking Rewards and Opportunities

Collaboration Pools allow projects to distribute tokens or rewards to specific NFT holders. Users can stake selected NFTs to earn rewards in a partner's native token or any other token.

Collaboration Pools

Business and Partnerships

CoinCollect offers a range of strategic opportunities, including partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships, and other mutually beneficial agreements.

Collaboration Pools

Overview: Collaboration Pools are a key feature of the CoinCollect protocol, designed to help projects distribute their tokens or rewards to specific NFT holders for a limited time or in limited quantities. Users can earn rewards in a partner's native token, fostering increased exposure and user engagement for participating projects.

How It Works:

  1. Stake and Earn:

    • Users stake selected NFTs in a project's pool.

    • Rewards are shared among stakers based on the number and power of the NFTs staked.

  2. Reward Distribution:

    • Rewards are distributed regularly, based on the schedule set by the project.

    • CoinCollect adds additional tokens to the pools, including $COLLECT, USDT, Matic, BTC, and ETH, providing extra incentives for participation.

  3. Limited Availability:

    • Pools may have a limited time frame or a cap on the amount of rewards distributed, creating urgency and exclusivity.


  • For Projects:

    • Increased exposure and user base on the CoinCollect platform.

    • Incentivized participation in their ecosystem.

    • Access to a diverse set of tokens, enhancing the appeal of their rewards.

  • For Users:

    • Opportunities to earn diverse rewards, including popular cryptocurrencies.

    • Flexible participation in different projects within the ecosystem.

    • The chance to earn additional rewards from CoinCollect's contributions to the pools.

Application Process:

  • Important: Only applications submitted via the application form will be considered.

  • No Follow-Ups: Due to a high volume of quality projects, please refrain from chasing us for a response.

For other proposals

You can send us an email at for other proposals.

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