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Business and Partnerships

This can include strategic partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships, and other forms of mutually beneficial agreements

Collaboration Pools

Collaboration Pools are a feature of CoinCollect protocol that enables projects to distribute their tokens to users on the Polygon network. These pools provide an opportunity for users to earn rewards in a partner's native token by staking $COLLECT tokens and COLLECT NFTs. This mechanism allows projects to increase their exposure and user base on the CoinCollect platform by providing incentives for users to participate in their ecosystem.
When a project opens a pool on the CoinCollect platform, users can stake their $COLLECT tokens and COLLECT NFTs in the pool. The more $COLLECT tokens and NFTs that a user stakes, the greater the rewards they will receive in the partner's native token. The rewards are distributed on a regular basis, and the exact distribution schedule is determined by the project that opened the pool.
The CoinCollect platform allows for the creation of multiple pools, which allows users to participate in different projects and earn rewards in different native tokens. This provides a flexible and diverse way for users to earn rewards and participate in the ecosystem of various projects.
The collaboration pool feature is a way for projects to increase their exposure and user base on the CoinCollect platform. It also offers a way for users to earn rewards in various native tokens by participating in different projects, providing an incentive for users to join, stake and participate in the CoinCollect ecosystem.
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